Depending on your development path, you may find yourself very able to recognise and follow your own personal will, stand for what you believe in and even have confrontations with others in order to get what you want. The strength and confidence these traits bring with it can be seen in children at an early age, especially when they rule the household.

While individualism is praised in these parts of the world, having a very strong will and always following it can lead to communication issues with loved ones, friends and colleagues and an underdeveloped quality to harmonise with others. One way of handling this is laying the issue with the people who actually have an issue with your strong will, however it might be interesting to look at whether or not you actually have the chose to follow it.

It is possible you have told yourself you are a free spirit, a renegade, a rebel, a lone wanderer or someone who does not walk the trodden path. If you identify strongly with any of these former mentioned identities or some which are similar to these, one of the main qualities that all these labels seem to have is a sense of freedom. My question is how free you really are if you are not able to, at times, choose to let go of your own will and be flexible in order to keep the connection with a person or a group.

In order to build the Eiffel tower we need the leader to follow his own will ánd to be able to let go of that same will. A well rounded adult has the capacity to do both, choose himself and the team at different moments. To have a goal in mind and to know which direction to go in is as valuable as being able to be flexible when unexpected detours have to be taken. Often the detour holds beautiful surprises and could even bring you closer towards the end goal. The best leaders know when to follow and are able to make their followers think they did it all on their own.